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Glow On The Go

Glow On The Go

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Experience a splash of Australian freshness wherever life takes you with our Glow On The Go bundle. This compact duo is a little ode to the vast, revitalising landscapes of Australia, designed to nestle perfectly in your handbag or gym bag. Commence your quick rejuvenation with a gentle mist of the Hydration Boost Toner, as refreshing as a morning breeze over the coastal waves. As the mist settles, it paves the way for the Nourishing Power Oil, a nourishing kiss inspired by the unyielding vitality of Australia’s native botanicals.

With just a spritz and a dab, rekindle your skin's glow and embrace the day with a radiance reflective of Australia’s pristine, sunlit shores. This petite ensemble is your companion to seize the day, ensuring a gleaming aura as boundless as the Australian horizons.


  1. Start by shaking the Hydration Boost Toner gently, hold it about six inches away from your face, close your eyes, and give a generous spritz onto your skin.
  2. Once the toner settles, take 2-3 drops of Nourishing Power Oil onto clean fingertips, gently warm by rubbing your fingers together, then dab and evenly apply onto your face, using gentle upward strokes.
  3. Allow the products to absorb briefly before proceeding with your regular skincare or makeup routine.

Note: Perform a patch test 24 hours before using any of the Glow on the Go products to ensure there's no adverse reaction. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a skincare professional.

Bundle Includes

  • Hydration Boost Toner 100mL
  • Nourishing Power Oil 30mL
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